The Secret Lead Factory Review for the Little Ticket to Wealth Program

The Secret Lead factory aka SLF Marketing system is designed to set your Little Ticket To Wealth program on fire. It will market for you 24/7. You can even Call 904.592.3335 (24/7 sizzle) to learn more. Complete training and resources are provided in the back office.
Little Ticket to Wealth gives every home business owner access to what they desperately need and this is LEADS. Check out my video to learn more and I will see you on the inside. Please contact me with any questions.
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The Secret Lead Factory was launched in the Fall of 2011. It is an optional marketing system for members of the Little Ticket to Wealth Lead program. While it is optional, I consider it essential if you are going to market LTTW. The 15 minute movie that you get with SLF truly does all the heavy lifting for you.  Without the movie,  you will have to do a lot of explaining about the Little Ticket to Wealth.

If you are not a member of Little Ticket to Wealth, there is really no reason that you would purchase the Secret Lead Factory. Most reviews will say that they are unbiased but I have used the system  and I love it.

For a one time fee of $49.95, you will own the Secret Lead Factory forever. There are no monthly fees after that. When you refer your anyone you sponsor in Little Ticket To Wealth, the SLF system will pay you $20 in commissions.  If you have watched my video above, then you already know the The Secret Lead Factory comes with TONS of training to get your marketing started. When I signed up for SLF, the training in the back office is all that I had to get started. However, our team has added the bonuses of weekly team trainings and weekly calls for our team members to send their prospects to.

I will also tell you the the site administration has also added to the training in the member back office since the system was created. So when members are looking for other means to market the Secret Lead Factory, they can feel confident that the information will be current.

So when you sign up for the Secret Lead Factory you get:

  • Over 7 capture pages, including one you can customize with your OWN video. (during the holidays even more were added)
  • TONS of training, including ad sources, pre-written copy for solo ads, classified ads, banner ads, and text ads
  • A free Netspend card where you can have your commissions sent to instead of AlertPay
  • A built in auto responder does come with SLF, however, I do recommend Aweber, the auto responder messages are already prewritten for you



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